Coffee Recipe

Cafe Craft in Paris

Why you have to see it: Café Craft is usually really packed, but if you find a spot at this popular coffee shop, then you absolutely must order the noisette, or espresso with milk, to truly enjoy the Parisian coffee experience.

Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

Why you have to see it: Coffee Supreme is the only place in the world where you can enjoy soda syrup blended with coffee. You can even add sparkling water or milk for a special kick. The ambiance of Coffee Supreme is perfect for working or reflection, and its tasty scones will lure you into taking a bite.

Easy Coffee Recipes

People prepare coffee beverages in a wide variety of ways. If you intend to prepare your cup of coffee at home, you may want to do it the simple way. Here are 2 easy coffee recipes for you: The cappuccino and granita recipes.

Cappuccino Recipe

Cappuccino was first prepared in Viennese cafes in the 19th century. It got its name from the words “capuchin friars”, which is the color of the robes of the local monks.

Serves 2


2 servings espresso, short
1 cup whole milk


  • Pour the milk into a pitcher
  • To make the milk foamy, put the steam nozzle of an espresso maker a third of the way into the pitcher and open the steam valve all the way.
  • Do not allow the milk to boil or become too hot. Put the candy thermometer in the pitcher. Heat the milk until it reaches 175 degree F. Avoid the milk to be heated too hot. Close the steam valve.
  • Prepare the espresso. Pour into serving cups until the coffee fills about a quarter of the cup.
  • Stir the milk before pouring into the serving cups. After you have poured most of the milk into the coffee, place a spoon under the milk you are pouring to form a layer of foamy milk on top of the coffee.
  • Ready to serve.

Granita Recipe

Granita is a type of semi-frozen coffee. Its usual contents are sugar, coffee and water.

Serves 4


6 servings espresso at room temperature, short
3 tablespoons sugar
16 ice cubes
2 cups cold water


  • Pour the espresso in a blender. Add in the sugar.
  • Blend the sugar and espresso for 90 seconds. Stop the blender.
  • Add in the ice and water. Blend further until smooth.
  • Pour into serving cups.
  • Ready to serve.

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