Coffee Recipe

Fazenda Santa Ines (Brazil) – $50/lb.


At Fazenda Santa Ines farm, tradition is everything. From the position of the farm as a family operated business, to the traditional methods of cultivating and processing their coffee, Fazenda Santa Ines farm consistently produces a quality cup of coffee every time. Quality is what one might expect by paying $50 per pound. This ethically sourced crop is fed by natural mineral water springs and planted in fertile soil. It is naturally processed, which gives it a sweet berry and smooth caramel taste all the way until the last drop.

Luwak Coffee (Indonesia) – $160/lb.


What makes Luwak Coffee from Indonesia so valuable are the processes of selection and digestion. Yes, you heard me correctly, digestion. Kopi Luwak coffee, often referred to as civet coffee, undergoes fermentation inside of an animal. The civet, to be specific. The civet consumes the coffee cherries, leaving the coffee beans to be collected later from the animal’s feces. The civet emits enzymes during the digestion process that alter the taste of the product, as one might expect. This taste, however, is coveted worldwide, to the point where consumers are willing to pay $160 per pound of Luwak Coffee.

Los Planes (El Salvador) – $40/lb.


Finca Los Planes coffee is cultivated deep in the mountainous region of Chalatenango, El Salvador on a farm operated by Sergio Ticas Yeyes, who inherited the farm from his father. This award winning cup of coffee placed 2nd at the 2006 Cup of Excellence, and 6th in 2011. Notable flavors include tangerine with caramel and brown sugar threads. While paying $40 per pound might seem steep to the average consumer, for the coffee lovers out there it is a fair price to pay for a cup of Los Planes family grown coffee.

Mi Esperanza Coffee (Honduras) – $35/lb.


Honduras is getting to be a leader in the coffee-producing region of Central America. In an online auction in June of this year, international buyers bought 1,320 pounds of coffee from the Mi Esperanza farm at a record-breaking price of $35.10 per pound.

Honduran coffee is sought after for its natural qualities which combines the flavors of fruits, nuts, chocolates and spice. It is well-liked by connoisseurs because it is intensely aromatic & does not leave a bitter after-taste

Molokai Coffee (Hawaii) – $51/lb.


Hawaii is said to be the only state in the US with a climate and soil conditions ideal for growing coffee. It comes as no surprise that they have a variety of world-renowned coffees. One of them is the Moloka‘i coffee produced by Coffees of Hawaii on a 500 acre plantation located in Kualapu’u, Maui County.