Coffee Recipe

Blue Mountain (Jamaica) – $49/lb.


Blue Mountain coffee has a worldwide reputation for excellence, and consumers from one corner of the world to the next can’t seem to get enough of it, even at $49 per pound. Approximately 80 percent of the coffee produced at Blue Mountain is exported annually to Japan. The coffee itself is grown at 5,000 ft. above sea-level in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, where heavy rainfall influences growth and the beans are processed. Due to the abundance of water, the coffee beans are pulped from their coffee cherries soon after being picked, which gives Blue Mountain coffee it’s signature well-balanced, mild flavor.

Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico) – $24/lb.


Coffee has long been a commercial crop in Puerto Rico, and this bean serves as an economic staple in both domestic and foreign markets. What makes coffee from the Yauco region of Puerto Rico so rich in flavor is a combination of natural elements and farming techniques. The amount of rainfall in the Puerto Rico is high, especially at high elevations in the mountain region where this bean hails from. Additionally, the nutrient rich clay soil gives this coffee its own specific flavor. The limited availability of Coffee Yauco Selecto AA lends to the high price tag. What can a coffee connoisseur expect from a freshly brewed cup of Puerto Rico’s finest coffee? This bean has a full-bodied, buttery flavor with mild chocolate undertones.

Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon (Rwanda) – $24/lb.


Bourbon coffee is an heirloom variety of Coffee Arabica, which Rwanda is known for because of the climate. Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon coffee offers a highly acidic, black cherry and butter melt blend with notes of spiced nut, and certainly the flavor of this bean isn’t the only thing worth raving about. Starbucks aided in establishing more coffee farms in Rwanda as a social mission to rebuild the country whose economy was shaken by internal violence. The fair-trade coffee movement and attempt to restructure the economy of the country has led to its high popularity of Rwandan beans on the global coffee market. The coffee cooperatives of Rwanda rely on this Black Apron Exclusive bean as one of their primary crops.

Cielito Querido Café in Mexico City

Why you have to see it: Cielito Querido Café is one of the cutest cafés you’ll ever lay your eyes on, and that is why you must see it for yourself. Picture the delicious and freshly baked conchitas (pictured above), which you can dip into your piping-hot rompope cappuccino for a proper Mexican experience.