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Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico) – $24/lb.


Coffee has long been a commercial crop in Puerto Rico, and this bean serves as an economic staple in both domestic and foreign markets. What makes coffee from the Yauco region of Puerto Rico so rich in flavor is a combination of natural elements and farming techniques. The amount of rainfall in the Puerto Rico is high, especially at high elevations in the mountain region where this bean hails from. Additionally, the nutrient rich clay soil gives this coffee its own specific flavor. The limited availability of Coffee Yauco Selecto AA lends to the high price tag. What can a coffee connoisseur expect from a freshly brewed cup of Puerto Rico’s finest coffee? This bean has a full-bodied, buttery flavor with mild chocolate undertones.

  1. There are so many good brands that are selling the best coffee. So it really is difficult to choose a single one. The brand of YAUCO is also quite famous for its coffee. So the recommends tasting the coffee of all those brands including this one.

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