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Hacienda La Esmeralda (Panama) – $350.25/lb.


The trophy shelf for Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee looks fairly crowded, with this bean having been awarded first place at various worldwide cuppings thirteen times since 2004. The most recent record that this coffee set? A whopping $350.25 per pound at the 2013 Best of Panama Auction – Naturals Category. Grown in the shade of guava trees on the slopes of Mount Barú in  Panama, this bean is highly sought after and only cultivated in small quantities. It is a rarity and delicacy in the coffee world, and a once in a lifetime must for any coffee connoisseur.

  1. The reason behind the scarcity of the production of this coffee is to make it unique and to maintain its standard. However, this coffee should once be tried by every coffee lover to have some unforgettable taste and experience of coffee.

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