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St. Helena Coffee (St. Helena) – $79/lb.


The origin of St. Helena Coffee Company’s Island can be traced back to Napoleon Bonaparte, who was enamored with the taste of this coffee and even began tending to crops on the island himself. Since the time of Napoleon, coffee on St. Helena Island has continued to flourish. The island itself is located approximately 1,200 miles from the west coast of Africa, and on a map appears to be close to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Surely the isolation and need to transport the coffee great distances contributes to the high price tag of the bean, but it isn’t really what people are paying for when they buy a pound at $79. The high-quality and unmatched floral flavor with hints of citrus is truly one of a kind and worth the cost.

  1. This coffee is bought by the people in the form of large packs as they find this coffee as the best one in terms of its taste, colour and quality. This coffee company is very old and is hence trusted by the customers a lot as per its quality of services.

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