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Turkish & Greek Coffee Recipes

A lot of people know how to make a basic cup of Turkish coffee, but these are some not so common Turkish and Greek coffee recipes: Greek Coffee Recipe with “Ouzo” This is a traditional coffee recipe of the Greek monks in the sacred “Agio Oros”. You will need: 2 teaspoonfuls of Greek coffee 2 teaspoons of sugar 1 teaspoon of “ouzo” (traditional Greek alcohol drink) 2*3oz cups water After you prepare your coffee add the Ouzo inside, and serve. With “Koniak” This is a traditional coffee recipe of Greek seamen. It’s the same as the previous recipe with the only difference that you use Koniak instead of Ouzo. With “Honey” This is an old Greek coffee recipe from Smirni. Prepare your Greek-Turkish coffee, and then add one teaspoon of honey. It’s delicious! With “Cardamom” This is sort of Arabic version for Turkish coffee recipe. Use a dark coffee blend ground for Turkish. Get some cardamon, and grind it or use a mortar. 2 seeds per cup is enough. Cardamon is used to spice up and give aroma to the coffee. You will need: 2 teaspoonfuls of coffee 1-2 teaspoons of sugar as much cardamon as you want 2*3oz cups water Prepare coffee as usual. You will get a delicious exotic coffee, which is very different from anything you’ve tasted before! With “Mastich” Same as the above recipe but instead of cardamom you must use mastich (only produced in Chios island, Greece) Turkish Coffee Recipe with “Fennel Seeds” Same as the above recipe but instead of cardamom you must use fennel seeds. So, go ahead and enjoy great coffee!
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